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Welcome to Core Connex

Lauren and I have been studying the core, and integrating its deeper level connections throughout our yoga & fitnesses classes for a while now. Why? Simple. Injury.

There's nothing quite more humbling than having injuries. All of a sudden, you're acutely aware of your limitations and it's hard to stay positive when it affects your way of living and prevents you from doing the things you love the most. Believe us when we say, "we get it!" Through time and study, Lauren and I have discovered a path to healing that is both EFFECTIVE and PREVENTATIVE.

It's the Core.

Sounds simple, right? Activate the core, perform the exercises, get stronger, live enthusiastically. Maybe for some. But we're guessing it's not quite that simple for most.


What does Core Connex mean?

Lauren and I have chosen this name carefully. Let's talk about it!

CORE: When your foundation is strong, your building is more capable and prepared to withstand all the different challenges will come. Life lesson here: When your core is strong, your body is more SASS-y: Stable, Adaptable, Structured, and Secure. Lauren and I created Core Connex to help build & strengthen your foundation. In each Core Connex class, we will to teach you HOW to locate, activate, and rest the stabilizer muscles located within the core. It is through the understanding of where it is, how to activate it, when to activate it, when to rest it that you develop high levels of [physical] SASS (yes, there are different on).

CONNEX: Let's not stop with the core only! It's all about the integration - the application of everything you're learning about the core into the rest of your body and ...well,... your life! Since our bodies are designed to move in all different ways, Core Connex teaches you how to move safely within each of these planes of motion. One vital step in progression is awareness and Core Connex taps not only into the conscious levels of body awareness, but the other subconscious levels as well. First, we reach in. Then, we expand. The Connex aspect of our mission is to move beyond the core and create a deeper connection. Not just of your core to the limbs. Think beyond that. The body to mind & the heart to soul. This integration helps us feel less mechanical and more one with our bodies. We develop mental, emotional, and even spiritual SASS (see above, wink, wink).

Lauren and I would love for Core Connex to be a transforming experience for you.


Core Connex will be available FREE for a limited time to all subscribers (*ahem* also FREE for a limited time), as we work to build our library of classes. Each class will range from 15-60 minutes long and vary from targeted muscles groups to full core experiences. Check back often and follow our social media page for regular updates!

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